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Pure Apple Juice
Hollow Ash Apple Juice

We have been pressing apples from Hollow Ash for juice since 2002. 

The orchards

Over the years since 1994 we have planted orchards on three acres of land around our home. A map in Hereford Record Office shows orchards on the same ground in the 18th century. We have planted local or traditional varieties of (mainly) apple on standard rooting stock. These will grow to be large trees so they are spaced at 20 - 30 feet apart.

Apple Blossom
Basket of apples

Apple Picking

Apples are collected by hand-picking or shaking the trees. Each fruit is inspected for quality and only sound apples are used. Boxes and baskets are filled and transported to the pressing room using our 1960 MF35 tractor.

Pressing the juice

Pressing the Apples

All the fruit is washed and inspected again before being pulped in an electric scratter.  The pulp is then loaded into a large modern hand press and the juice extracted and stored in settling tanks overnight. One pressing yields between 30 and 40 litres of juice. Natural oxidization in the air gives the juice a golden brown colour; nothing is added to change this.

Bottles of juice

Bottling and Pasteurisation

After settling, the juice is siphoned off to a semi-automatic two bottle filler. The bottles are then pasteurised. The flavour is determined by the mixture of varieties used; usually a blend is created to avoid the extremes of sharpness or sweetness.