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Apple pressing service

If you would like to convert your own apples to apple juice you may be interested in our pressing and bottling service. The cost depends on whether you wash and sort the apples or provide your own bottles and tops. Prices (2015) are as follows:

Complete clean and sort to bottle service ~ £2.00 per bottle.

Bring us your fruit at a mutually convenient time and we will inspect, sort and clean every apple before processing. You will receive the juice from your fruit bottled and labelled.

Supplied clean fruit to bottle service ~ £1.65 per bottle.

Bring us your sorted and washed fruit and take away your own bottled and labelled juice. Your apples need to be clean of mud, grass and leaves. All mouldy fruit must be discarded and discoloured bruising cut out.

25p discount for clean recycled bottles

Pressing only ~ £0.60 per litre

Bring your clean and sorted fruit and clean containers (such as fermenting bins) and take home juice for freezing or fermenting to cider.

MF35 collecting apple crop

How much juice will you get?

The amount of juice, as well as the flavour, depends to a certain extent on the variety of apple; dessert apples tend to be juicier and sweeter. As a guide:

100 kg (5 crates) yields about 50 litres (66 750ml bottles)

For one pressing you will need to collect 2-3 crates.

Pressing Service