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‘Clyde’s wicker course was so memorable...’ (Ruth & Toby)

The ‘Wild Wicker’ day course in basket-weaving techniques is an introduction to basket-making using various types of willow and seasonal hedgerow materials. Clyde will guide you through the basic weaves involved in a fruit basket from the base right through to the finished basket.

Contact Clyde on 07866 138436 or clyde@wildwicker.com.

Visit wildwicker.com

There is a wealth of craft expertise locally. Why not combine a stay at Hollow Ash with a craft experience, such as basket-making, blacksmithing, singing, and apple juicing. Contact the individual craftspeople to discuss availability and prices.

Willow weaving courses


You can enjoy three or five hours of blacksmithing with a fully trained and experienced member of the team. Take away a beautifully crafted piece of ironwork, created by your own hands.

Contact Oldfield Forge on 01981 580016 or at academy@oldfiedforge.co.uk. Visit www.oldfieldforge.co.uk


In this all-day workshop, you will learn how the felting process works.  Using the most effective methods from both traditional and modern techniques, Nici will guide you through the process to create two separate pieces of work. 

Initially, you will make a flat piece, which you can embellish with different colours and textures. Then you will make a 3D object using a resist.

This introduction is designed to provide a basic experience of using wool fibres to create both practical and ornamental objects.

Contact Niki on 07866 138436


Receive a short, intensive, personalised course of singing lesson(s) from professional mezzo-soprano Catherine King (www.catherineking.org). The lesson(s), which will take place in Catherine’s home about 3 miles from Hollow Ash, will each last 1 hour and will include exercises and songs to suit your ability and experience. Catherine recommends 3 lessons over as many days.

Contact Catherine at ck@catherineking.org . Visit catherineking.org

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